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Twitch isn't out of touch with modernity, they're in touch with advertisers. Claudia jordan nude pics. Or the people who were actually killed by the church for acts of heresy, real and imagined. Girls nude on twitch. Twitch Streamer DornessitiTV nude pictures. I must admit the description makes it sound like a foreplay simulator, but I'm just about prepared to accept that since it would almost certainly make a lot more money if the genders were reversed there might be some sort of social point being made.

While I agree that it's stupid that extreme violence is okay and nudity is not, the rules are if nothing consistent with how nudity has been handled in every other medium.

And today, we see the Christian warmongers begging us to start more wars over there, barely bothering to hide the bald racism behind their desire to attack Muslims. Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Joan of Arc anyone? Violence more or less gets the same reaction from most humans, sexual content varies widely by gender and orientation.

The blame is being focused towards Twitch when really Twitch's policy on nudity is really more just a reflection of how it's treated in the U. Twitch doesn't need anyone's permission. My younger sister was a particular fan of Ein's outfit in DOA4 which was basically nothing but a pair of broken manacles and trousers with the fly half-undone.

Feb 18, Posts: DornessitiTV Nude 9 pics 3 gifs admin - April 11, Fri Sep 25, 9: All it would take was one, just one, uproar from parent groups about Twitch streaming 'pornography' to children, and all of a sudden Twitch is in a world of controversy with family-friendly companies like Nintendo looking for an exit door.

Take a walk down a main street in Riyadh, Tehran, Bangkok, or Beijing, totally naked, and get back to us on how it was only the Christians who took offense. Twitch Streamer Caroline Burt nipple slip from a recent Twitch stream.

For anyone else who made the same mistake http: It already has bad experiences with "gaming" channels focused on dancing for donations with a tiny DOTA thumbnail in the corner, and such.

Jan 18, Posts: Not long a go China banned cosplay showing more than so many centimeters of cleavage. Big dick on nude beach. For sure, the headline is wrong. DornessitiTV has just over 4k followers on her Twitch channel. Why is bloody violence OK, but a shower simulator with a message not? Also the creator's arguments I feel aren't really comparable. If they are so concerned about it, see where else they can put it, and see if they can get people to leave twitch for whatever new website they go to.

You cannot, CANNOT just declare something 'out of touch with the modern world', or 'having no place in ', or whatever temporally based moral condemnation you want to use, just because some small clique of people who consider themselves progressive don't like it.

The Crusades were among the worst atrocities committed in history, and set in motion a thousand years of conflict in the middle east. Feb 24, Posts: So yeah, it's not even a little surprising that a country controlled by Christians is mortified at the thought of open sexuality, as it would indicate their loss of control over sex, and frankly, the idea that they no longer get to decide when other people have sex terrifies them.

Twitch is very in touch with the American world. As much as there has been a growing conservation about the normalization of violence vs.

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Maybe Twitch will catch on when it hits their wallet. Nude ebony sex pics. Jan 18, Posts: By visiting this website you agree that you are over the age of This is the sort of bullshit that helps screw people up over their bodies and their interactions with individuals they find attractive.

TiffanyPunzel Sexy 26 pics admin - February 28, 4. Oct 25, Posts: The US media seems to give intense violence a pass while flagging even mild nudity, and always has. Last edited by MlautheFilthy on Fri Sep 25, In today's "modern world," sexuality is taboo, just as it is on Twitch. It's stupid for Twitch to ban streaming of your work, but based on the article it doesn't seem any different from the 'bullshit titillation' you decry.

Dinglederper Sexy 12 pics admin - April 5, 7. Aug 21, Posts: This whole "naked equals sex" bullshit has got to stop. The argument over violence and sexuality is one of the oldest and most pervasive in media. Twitch being American, they are, of course, sensitive to the issue.

I don't know why so many people continue to hold sexuality as such a horrible, terrible thing, and think we'd all be better off if this changed, but let's face it: Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. Girls nude on twitch. As far as the rest of the industry is concerned, Twitch is free advertising, controversy or not.

DOA lets you dress most of the male characters in nothing but a small pair of shorts, and about half of them are classic anime pretty-men. Naked on a houseboat. Take a walk down a main street in Riyadh, Tehran, Bangkok, or Beijing, totally naked, and get back to us on how it was only the Christians who took offense.

Why is the topic of sex more uncomfortable than violence? SharpieFiend Ars Centurion Registered: Twitch being owned by google and present anywhere you can obtain google content means that they have to be careful of what visual products are shown.

I'm surprised that despite the fact that Twitch is depicted as "home of video game streamers the world over", nowhere in the article comes the fact that twitch is US-owned: The totally unnecessary exploitative bullshit of Dead or Alive babes, or Metal Gear Solid's Quiet, is somehow more appropriate than a game about consensually scrubbing a guy's back?

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BonnieDoll Sexy 28 pics admin - April 6, 4. Jun 20, Posts: Youtuber Twitch Streamer Alexia Raye sexy pictures. The world is generally much more tolerant of nudity and thinks we are a bit strange to be so prude about nudity and so ok with violence and gore.

I don't know why we're so backwards in this regard, but Twitch's attitude mirrors that of both the US media and the population in general.

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Bollywood nude video download Twitch Streamer TiffanyPunzel sexy pictures.
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